1. Intro // Fire

Here we go another fight to win
We’ll never lose - we are forever lost
We gonna burn
Burn another night away

Fire burns the Fire

For freedom we walk our way
creations fights the demons delayed
the night’s got another say
we forever be

for the rebel souls
for the anti souls
for the rebel souls

Ups for our fellow comrades in the fight for a better life and a freedom that will never be taken away, out thoughts and feelings of a unity and life for fire. For the ones being creative and making the autonomous community alive.

2. FörlOrAD

Organiserad brottslighet
slag tunga som sten
krossar mer än bara ben

Vi vill leva
Du är FörlOrAD

Vi förlorar mer än bara värdet
när de tar allt ifrån dig
och allt det som du lärde

Vi vill leva
Du är FörlOrAD

Dom ler mot vår framtid
ler mot vår samtid
vänder sida och tar bort oss för alltid


Organized crime we’re lost since we’re bought by the state and capital world order. Where the little ones, workers around the world, are the ones taking the beating verbally and physically. We wanna live, but we’re lost as long as the standards are set by the ones in power and not us.

3. Fight and Burn

All by one they strike and I burn
My soul is on fire and I merge through the all

Scream and cry
Fight their lies

In the maze of madness I can see when I run
Faster-stronger-more and longer

Fight and burn
Fuck and die

Whirlwinds of madness

Faster-stronger-more and longer
In a world of whirlwinds and sorrow we burn for tomorrow

Scream and cry
Fight their lies
Fight and burn
Fuck and die

A way of fights and many there more, an all over maze of madness and to fight all the lies that we get betrayed with, we can use our frustration to create ourselves out of many of the lies that we get fed with by every day.

4. FUCK You Forever

It’s our responsibility to fucking act
the silence will never be
There is darkness, but we got fire
Always antifascist and always burning


The life of tomorrow is soli
soli solidarity and no fucking borders
Un-ego for the further more
Fire for our soul mates of anger and life

Fight the plague
forever mangeling
forever burning
Fight the fucking plague

For a light in the darkest of times when fascism strikes by every day, stronger and bigger for every year. This is the time when we need to act, against the fascists to fight the plague, never silence never forget! Always anti-fascists forever wanna be free!

5. Skenhelighetsparaden

Ett polerat skal med ett ruttet inre
bara för allt luktar gott så stinker ert falska skit inte mindre

Det här ska ni få fan för

Ni försöker att tysta ner oss med era jävla hot
men det får mig bara att göra tvärt emot

Det här ska ni få fan för

En ren fasad med ett mögligt innandöme

och ni ska snacka om att vara ett jävla föredöme

Just for being a company filled with good words and a statement of fair-trade, it apparently doesn’t have anything to do with what they actually stand for. Our expectations are actually higher for a better good, but once again the capitalist society proven its true colors by threatening employees because of standing strong. Money makes the greedy worse by every day.

6. Condemned

Condemned to not learn from the history of the past
Fascism rises from its ugly mask
Desperate times lead to desperate measures
Austerity bites, no more unknown pleasures
Far from emulating the ideals that the European Union ever had
To prevent another world war from a nazi threat
The economic crash of 2007 and 8
Has seen governments act in the interests of the banks
At the expense of real economic recovery
to help struggling people put food on their plate
Governments turn to become insular bodies
Politicians pander to right wing media stories
Economies slump
Nationalism grows
Talk leads to self-preservation
Job cuts initiate high unemployment
Stimulates migration
Creates conflict
Creates tension
Preconditions for fascism begin to fall into place
The landscape of history starts to take shape
Now is the time to act
Before tyrants can once again dictate
The shape of our world
We can affect by our actions of today
We need to prepare
To voice our opinion
To dispel the despair
For fear and uncertainty create the base of fascist tides
We have to communicate
Not hide
For should fascist parties ever come into power once more
The demise of Europe can again lead to war
It will not just be threatening words that we hear and that we read
And the streets will once more run red
With the blood of those of us that no longer are free

7. Propaganda

Capitalism and religious crimes
all for the win
and the barrel of a gun


Bought out and fucked of
for the personal interest
to gain more of our ground


Media owned by the richest of scum
manipulates the strings
and corrupting us all

Owned by societic rules and rich people that gain more from us work-wise than we ever will be given back, along with the fear that they feed us to keep us in line, to make us quiet and as much as cheap ass possible. The propaganda we get is written, owned and used by the ones that needs us on our knees, to stop us from questioning their lies.

8. Avbruten

Ett jävla as denna människan
Insiktslös och helt oberörd
Hela skallen är full av skit
Ingen som bett honom komma hit

Fermenterad i skit

Evigt egen lärd stoltserande hög
Förtappad och allmänt känd karaktär
En unken doft av urin
Denna mannen även känd som ett svin

Fermenterad i skit

Tär och bryter ner, mönster som sker
ett världsherravälde av rang
Patriarkala normer blir vardagsrumsskit
Äter skit

As the usual assholes takes up more room, there’s spaces where our sisters will never ever wanna be. Accepted by many, these types takes no pardon in their actions and ways. As many of us disgrace their ways, we still feel the urge to scream about it. Sexist fucked up scumbags, you are fermented in shit!

9. Burn Your Flag

Across the river, a life in fire, 
behind bars of the siar

Burn your flag
Fuck you nationalism

Symbols of fear, symbols of hate,
a unity under a flag

Burn your flag
Fuck you nationalism

The symbol of a flag is a symbol of oppression, where people are supposed to feel a sense of unity because of a random place where they happened to be born. As this makes for a divided world, there would be easier ways of taking shit away, and it starts by burning all your flags! And 
take away the fear!

10. Pissregn

Det spelar ingen roll vart vi kommer ifrån
Eller hur vi låter
Alla är vi lika mycket värda

Pissregn, rasistjävel, dra åt helvete

Du tycker bara synd om dig själv
rädd för din omgivning
rädd för dig själv
Jävla rasistjävel

Pissregn, rasistjävel, dra åt helvete

Inga rasister på våra gator
Inga rasister på våra torg

Pissregn, rasistjävel, dra åt helvete

A history that we thought we learned from has not taken any notice. These are the words of a nine year old that fears racist scum because of ongoing debates around the world and that fascists actually take action around us, where they intentionally wants to hurt the ones not on their side.
The Pissrain should have ended, but the racist fuckers are still here, so we say – FUCK OFF!!!



1. Intro // Chaos Squad

All over seekers and fighters
Never stop and never turn
You’re to live and set free
Up the punx all to believe

Chaos squad family
fighting to set free

Tomorrow will come
Another light to be set
A fire and a dream
All for the restless

Come on and give me more
Bastards gonna feel the floor
All time has come to this
Never stop all for one

All over seekers and fighters
Never stop and never turn
You’re to live and set free
Up the punx all to believe

For all our sisters, brothers and restless souls that never gives in! By all your actions you give us more inspiration, for every fire that sets in heart and mind we burn with you in anger and frustration!

2. Egna Ben

Ni tror på räddning
En verklighet? Totalt skoningslös
Jag står på egna ben, fram tills jag dör

En uppslutning til det meningslösa
Är vardagen?

Bryta mina fruktansvärda mönster
En huvudsak, som att krossa era fönster

A reality of conformity, not breaking patterns that even you yourself see as a downward spiral is something that I wanna change as much as breaking all the windows of our systematic terror.

3. Down the Drain

For capital interest
We’re lost and sold
Never to be remembered
Just fucking washed away

Down Memory Lane
Down the drain

This will be the turn
Of the dead and unforgotten
When the madness continues
We’re to set on fire

Flagging for destruction
Flagging for a war
Nothing forgotten
Nothing forgiven

As much as we shall not forget the past, we can’t relive it. We must learn from what we’ve been through and act with that in a way of creating new and different grounds. As if we’re satisfied, we’ve given up.

4. Forever Stoked

There’s a fire burning
bright a fire with excess fuel filling my head
from morning to night
Always there
Always there

Fire Fire
Wake up screaming
No End
Forever stoked

Anger burning hate consuming
another day with black eyes
Everywhere I go my mind is stoked

5. Framtiden

Karriär och framgång
Vad fan ska det bli av oss
Som inte vill vara med i systemet som hatar sig självt

Jag hatar framtiden
Alla ska vara skit! 

Jag hatar framtiden
Planera preparera

strukturera och exploatera
ovärderligt för samtidens kassakoframgång

Samhället är inte byggt för att man ska vara social
Ännu ett jävla aber

Expectations of the future are many. There’s no doubt about the fact of not being worthy by just living your life without higher plans. The way we are taught to be successful individuals puts such a big amount of pressure to our lives that we forget to live here and now. As well as it’s making us fighting each other for the same spot. I don’t need a career to build my life upon, I’d rather see you and my kid holding hands

6. Arbetarjävel

Det här din jävel, det är Sveriges gräsrötter

Jagad och förnedrad ingenting lärd
Men samtidigt så jävla förbannad

Arbetarjävel – bland smutsen och golven

Från vården till golvet
står vi än här 
Sätt packet på gatan,
historien lär

Workers all over, we’re the ones to be in charge! As many as we are, we’re the grassroots of society where we are the ones in the dirt and on their floors. We salute you! Fuck off all of you Mats’s!!!

7. Mera 

En armé för staten, vi spelar dem i faten

AAAH fy fan, köpta svin

För att skydda och tjäna,
de får maktelitens stjärna

Mera våld, mera tunga vapen
Skydda oss mot monsterstora gapen
Allt tar slut, alla vill ta sig ut

Hånar oss och lär, ingen värdig är

Politicians way of protect and serve has, as no news, been in the favor of the rich. More police, more security that doesn’t make you more safe, rather controlled. Army of the shit parade, the puppets are muppets.

8. Absolution

Your god is dead and the things
you believe in
Everything’s shit about your
fucking religion
Religious hypocrisy
Homophobic racist sexist shit parade
All you believe in is a fucking lie
All dies
Your God is Dead

Pray for forgiveness, molesting the
value of all mankind 
On your knees for your master 
Judgement and fear in the darkness
of death and destruction

and your god is fucking dead

Father of the holy son
a ghost of oppression
Symbols that suffocates
patterns for a master race

The way of using a belief of a higher existence has been one of the easiest ways of making people scared enough to be kept in line, to follow shit for no other reason than a God. To put all their trust in someone else’s hands for their preaching of forgiveness. Many times said to be so forgiving but also so narrow minded, homophobic, racist, sexist to single the “others” out.

9. Lurad

Har du nånsin utsatt dig för något jobbigt
Erkänt dig själv svag utan att vara tvungen

Ja, jag är lurad
Men vem fan är du?!

Erkänt dig själv svag utan att vara tvungen
Tagit hand om problem orsakats av dig och ingen annan

Ja jag är så jävla lurad
Hatar allt du står för din förbannade jävel

Vem fan är du?!


By standards created in our society we’re taught not to admit our own weaknesses, and that along with the fact of not dealing with our inner problems. When not being as normal the standard is forcing us to, we’re told wrong and said to be total misfits.



1. Intro//Let's Start a Fire

Let's start a fire the biggest ever seen
I'll bring the matches you bring the gasoline

Fire, Fire. Set the night on fire! FIRE THAT BURNS!!!

Lawless brigade, spirits are burning
Awakening of the thunder in our souls
in our restless souls

Direct your anger no self-destruction
To the fascist state with no tomorrow
Billboards of hate miscreates

Burn this fucked up system
set the power on fire
turn the tables, burn them fuckers

2. Självutskitna

Homofoba blind idiot
Normens herre ditt jävla as
jämställd med alla när frågan kommer på tal

Du vet hur det är, alltid så jävla med
levande bevis på att lögnen är fri
hata bakom ryggen, håna inför allt

Fuck eliten

Likstel utan förakt
lurad i skiten i en lyxförpackning
du är den du är, jävla as

Self centered pieces of shit, men that built their own way putting them selves on thrones, both small scaled and in the rest of society they give themselves the right to push others around.

3. Kaos // Rännstenssjälarna

Alltid arga
Alltid redo

I ett ständigt krig emot världen
med knutna nävar
och hjärtan fulla av hat och kärlek
stormar vi världen
med ständiga frågor
som aldrig besvaras

Spottade och hatade
Trasiga men ändå hela

Torn and ragged, our souls are and will be, we’ll never let others keep us down for that sake. We’re all one, ready to fight, guttersouls forever!



1. I Will NEVER Kneel

I will never charge no one for this,
I made my point of sorrow.
This way to go is forced from ones pushing the buttons of power.

I have seen the day of light, but never with the guidance of liars.
Hatred built of destruction of life, can I ever see their siar?

This life came to an end when they forced us to chose,
from nothing left to loose. I will never kneel for those,
who never thought of others.

2. Förena Er!

Det kommer att gå åt helvetet!!

Det är allas vårat blod,
Lämnat att bara torka in

Förena er! För Helvete!

Borttillverkad i alla år

Förena er! För Helvete!

Glöm inte bort vart vi kom ifrån
För varje stupad
För varje utbytt
För varje bortglömd
Det är inte erat fel
Förena er
Innan vi suddas ut!

Utslitna leder och förtidspension,
slutet ändstation

3. Shitstorm

Rightwing arseholes
broken their curfew
in semidemocratic deathstars

Shitstorm over Europe
set for death

Know your enemy

The second storm of the century
where their leaders are elected

Shitstorm over Europe set for death

Know your enemy

You fucking arseholes!

4. Skapad Vinnare

Ditt jävla yuppiesvin! DU ska DÖ

Jobba jobba det är gröt inte soppa
Framgång ger cash och då kan vi shoppa
Se på alla loosers med vanliga kneg
Ska de aldrig fatta att det nya är surdeg

Det är vårt liv
delat i systemet
Leder till en säker död!

Målet med hela jävla dagen
är inte det du ska ha i magen
Ta för dig på bordet och skit i allt annat
För det är din tur nu, slut på pytt i panna

5. Systrar & Bröder

Ta ställning kräv din rätt, innan överheten vinner
 För varje utmaning, För varje repression

Anarkister – Terrrorister
Aldrig mer!! Aldrig mer!!!

Upprorsmakare från norr till söder
Vi är alla systrar och bröder

Systrar och Bröder
Jag och du! När vi är alla här
Är både du och jag fri
Ingen ska ta kontroll

Från norr till söder vi är alla systrar och bröder
Makten är ohållbar, makten tar du och jag!!

Anarkister – Terrrorister
Aldrig mer!! Aldrig mer!!!

Upprorsmakare från norr till söder
Vi är alla systrar och bröder

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